Whatcom Independent

As a freelance writer/reporter for the Whatcom Independent, Mr. Klepinger wrote a number of articles from different points of view, and from various locations around the globe.  His writings include articles from China, New Zealand, Malaysia and Panama.  His insights and commentary are fun to read, interesting to observe from an American viewpoint and very informative to boot. 

Some of his more enlightening articles are the ones pertaining to China, where he taught for one year as an ESL university instructor in Fujian Province.  His prescient comments regarding what was really happening in the People’s Republic of China are the basis of his latest book entitled, CHINA HOUSE, in which his poiengent observations – and     no-holds-barred predictions of what was in store for China – are now beginning to come to fruition.  It is chilling to see how he predicted these events – two full years before anybody else would even say a bad word about this nation and its fragile, political underbelly.

When time permits you are invited to peruse (which, by the way, means to read   carefully – not skim) this section of the American Telegraph Archives and see for yourself how Mr.Klepinger exposes the truth in a humorous, yet uniquely poignant style of writing.