In 2004, Lawrence (Larry) Klepinger ran for the United States Congress, in the Second Congressional District, in the State of Washington, as a New Republican.  He ran on a platform of National Security, National Healthcare, Total Tax Revision and Complete Overhaul of the Public Education System. 

He spoke out against the negative effects of the evangelical element that was ruining the true conservative spirit of the GOP, and instead, forcing the party to conform to their warped religious bent, warning the Republican Establishment, years before it became fashionable to do so, that adherence to fundamental religious bias would lead the party to utter  failure – and complete political defeat.  As it turned out he was more than correct in his prediction.

He ran an extremely well organized campaign, refused to take any political donations whatsoever, spoke out against the incipient calls, voiced by many Republicans, against a woman’s right to choose and same sex civil unions.  In doing so, Mr. Klepinger was actively campaigned against by members of the GOP and denied all official support or backing by the Republican Party.

To the utter chagrin of the GOP status quo, Mr.Klepinger led in the vote count throughout the ensuing week, until he was finally defeated by a mere four percent of the total count.  The hand-picked GOP candidate went on to be trounced in a landslide by the Democrat candidate.

Below are the final ten issues of The New Republican. If you are interested in reading earlier issues, please contact Lawrence Klepinger.