China House

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A brutally poignant analysis, with all the fawning, mass-media myth-information stripped bare, leaving the reader aghast at the continuing economic rape of the 'New' China under the aegis of Globalization.

With consummate skill, the author of LAND continues in his explosive style by revealing to the world what Globalization in China is really all about.

His personal account, gained while teaching in the People's Republic of China, depicts the never-ending suffering, rampant squalor, and complete degradation of the people by the continuous, ever-present boot heel of the current Communist Dynasty.

The author's compassion for his students, coupled with a love of the country, bleeds through this finely tuned text in a way that puts many other "academic" treatises to shame.

Mr. Klepinger directs all his venom exactly where it belongs - at the contrivance of the Chinese Communist Party, in full compliance with international mega-corporations that legally conspire to ransack, plunder and pillage the working "masses" of the people, all in the euphemistic name of Globalization.

His story is astonishing, the examples are breathtaking and the manner in which he presents his case is irrefutable. From wanton graft and political corruption to the officially authorized slave-labor conditions, complete with astounding facts and figures, Mr. Klepinger's fully authoritative presentation reads like a novel. But this is no novel.

It is the truth like it has never been told before.