Write English Right: An ESL Homonym Workbooks

Here is an ESL book that concentrates on homonyms and shows students how they must rely on sentence context to comprehend exact word meaning. The book offers word lists, exercises, drills, and worksheets for classroom use or homework.

Particularly aimed at students for whom English is a second language, this workbook also suggests an easy method of vocabulary building for composition students whose first language is English. It offers a way to unravel the complexities of homonmyms—such as there, their, and they're—keeping definitions simple and encouraging students to learn mainly through speaking and writing.


Where the Action Is : An Easy ESL Approach to Regular Verbs

Being proficient in English includes thorough knowledge of how to use verbs in all persons, tenses, and modes. For ESL students and those learning English on all levels, here are clear, easy-to-follow instructions in using and understanding pure regular verbs in speaking, reading and writing.