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This story revolves around a returning Vietnam Veteran's desire to own his own land and establish a fish farm in Montana. Returning home he finds that there was a revolution in America - and he missed it. From his ETS to trying to get re-established in the so-called normal world, John Manion finds himself more and more pulled by the urge to leave it all, go to Montana and fulfill a lifelong dream of raising fish on his own fish farm.

Through a series of events, from meeting and falling in love with an attractive stewardess, to his decision to work for her brother in Northern California and getting talked into the biggest poker game of his life, to his finally venturing out to Montana to realize his dream, John Manion encounters unforeseen twists and unexpected turns as he tries to find LAND that is to his liking.

With determination he finally gets established in Montana only to be challenged once again to the rightful ownership of his LAND.

Against all odds John Manion defends his land from those who try to steal it from him - resulting in an ending that will leave the reader startled at the outcome - but nodding in approval at the final, totally unforeseen, outcome.